Beskydy Protected Landscape Area

Beskydy Mountains are unique within the Czech Republic being both the end and the highest part of the Carpathian mountain arc. This country is of mountain ridges, deep valleys, large forests, flowering slopes, gurgling streams, and old time wooden buildings. The most valuable parts of the Beskydy and Javorniky Mountains are original primeval forest-like woods where rare animal and plant species occur. Diverse and aesthetically impressive meadows and pastures are still to be found in the area, being among examples of the historical coexistence of local people and the countryside. Quite unique also are the number of the underground pseudokarst caves existing here. The area can take pride in including 50 small-size protected areas and two bird sanctuaries and in having been proposed for the label ‚the Locality of European Importance

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The area, covering 65 461 hectares, lies in the Northwest of Slovakia and is made up of two complimentary parts – Javorníky Mountains in the West and Beskydy Mountains in the East. More than half of the area is occupied by woods. Due to the Wallachian Colonization as well as the starting of fields on the once wooded slopes the landscape has a mosaic, park-like character, alternating woods, meadows, fields and hamlets with well-preserved folk architecture. The region’s rarities are sandstone sink-holes in Kločovské skálie and an oil seepage in Korna. In the highest altitudes original mixed woods are well preserved. The area abounds in streams, springs, temporary peat bogs and marshy meadows where protected and endangered plant species can be found. So far some 205 arthropod species have been detected in the area. The Kysuce and also Javorníky Mountains also form the Western border and living space to beasts of prey – bear wolf and lynx. In some localities Carpathian Newt survives which is endemic to The Carpathian Mountains.

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